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Preparing students for a walk in two worlds.

A Cape York Leaders Program Secondary Scholarship enables talented Indigenous students from Cape York to attend Queensland’s leading boarding schools. Through curricular engagement and personal development and wrap-around suypport, we empower the next generation to reach their potential.

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Up to 6 years
Applications for 2025
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Program Overview

A scholarship with the Cape York Leaders Program is a life changing opportunity. Students attend the best boarding schools in Queensland and are supported throughout their high school journey. Outside of school, the program is designed to strengthen a student’s social, emotional and leadership capabilities.

Every CYLP student graduates with the skills needed to prosper within the workforce and in life. We accept applications from Year 5 to Year 9 to begin the following year. Applications are taken at any time with recipients announced in September/October.

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What’s included

Students will be supported for the duration of their high school journey, while they continue to meet expectations for behaviour and schooling.

As a scholarship student, you will receive a range of benefits, including financial assistance, annual allowance, private tutoring, personal development, support, work opportunities and pathways towards studying at university or gaining employment after graduation.

While the scholarship does cover the majority of costs associated with schooling and the program, we do ask parents/carers to make a small weekly contribution as a commitment to their child’s education. More details can be found on the application form.

Application information

Desired Eligibility Criteria (not in order of importance)

  • Academics of a high standard
  • Must reside in a Welfare Reform community of Cape York
  • Must reside in a Cape York community without a high school
  • Family must have proven Cape York affiliation
  • School attendance records must be high
  • Positive behaviour and attitude
  • Experience in leadership roles
  • Parent engagement is very important as we work together as a team to wrap support around your child

Complete an application form here and submit it by email or by post.

By email: send completed applications to

By post: send completed applications to 302/310 Sheridan Sheridan St, Cairns City QLD 4870.

View our parent’s information brochure here or contact us for further information.


"CYLP has broadened my horizons – opened my eyes to the world of opportunities. When I grew up, I just accepted that my options were limited. Being here in Brisbane has made me aware of all the different possibilities. I can go to different universities or I could go to TAFE – it just opens so many different doors."

Mayila Mallie

Secondary Graduates

Harry Ludwick Bowen

2023 Graduate

Lataisha Woibo

2023 Graduate

Hoby_Kulla_Kulla - Profile Pic

Hoby Kulla Kulla

2023 Graduate

Quashintae Nona

2023 Graduate


Skye Bowen Ludwick

2023 Graduate

Shaylee Andrews - Profile Pic

Shaylee Andrews

2022 Graduate

Linda Solomon - Profile Picture

Linda Solomon

2022 Graduate

Chastyn Creek - Profile Pic

Chastyn Creek

2022 Graduate

Alice-Lee Walker - Profile Pic

Alice – Lee Walker

2022 Graduate

Siannah Pitt - Profile Pic

Siannah Pitt

2022 Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete an application. Submit the completed application and any required documents by email, post, or online portal to the Cape York Leaders Program. You will then receive confirmation that we have received your application within four weeks.

Complete an application form here, then submit your completed application and any required documents by email, post or online portal to the Cape York Leaders Program.

Two years of school reports (four semester report cards), the most recent NAPLAN results and confirmation of community residence within Cape York. 

No; students must confirm community residence within Cape York. 

Yes. If they meet the eligibility criteria. We accept applications from Year 5 to Year 9 to begin schooling the following year.

The earlier the better. It is recommended to submit the application when your child is in grade 5 to semester 1 grade 6.

Yes. CYLP prioritises good behaviour, attendance, and effort from our applicants.

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