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Amber Neilley

Project Coordinator – Student Support

Amber brings a diverse perspective to the Cape York Leaders Program having worked in NGO’s in Cairns, Townsville and Melbourne, so she is able to draw
upon her wide range of working experiences to the team. Her family was one of the first Torres Strait Islander families to reside in Cairns and her grandfather
was the chair of Federal Council for the Advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for 17 years.
Her key strengths are networking, problem solving, critical thinking and she currently sit on the board at the Kungarakun Education and Culture Association,
so she have a strong sense of self determination through language, connection to country and education. Amber looks forward to meeting our new students and their families.
Connection to Country: Darnley/St Paul’s Islands and Kungarakun (south of Darwin).

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